Abdominal distension – an abdominal distension at the newborn child

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Abdominal distension – an abdominal distension at the newborn child

The abdominal distension is, as a rule, observed at most of newborns. This widespread problem most often overtakes young mothers unawares and frightens them. That fact that something hurts such little and defenseless newborn, forces parents to be lost, and continuous crying of the child and the rolling-out movements by feet only strengthen concern.

As the main reason for an abdominal distension at babies that their intestines are not up to the end developed serves. Most often this problem is accompanied by the sharp belly-aches called by gripes. Because of them the kid also cries. To half a year the problem disappears as by this time intestines manage "to grow up" together with the child, but to this age almost all children suffer from swelling.

Abdominal distension symptoms at the newborn child

To notice that at the child swelling is absolutely easy. The gripes arising because of it do not allow the kid to lie quietly after feeding. There is it not at once but if after a while after food the kid reddens and starts crying sharply, and legs draws in to a stomach or knocks them, most likely it has a swelling. The stomach thus becomes firm and elastic.

Most often the congestion of gases occurs in the second half of day, and the intestines spasm thus lasts all about half an hour. But if the kid shouts without calming down till some hours in succession, it is necessary to consult to the doctor by all means.

The abdominal distension reasons at the newborn child

There are many reasons capable to lead to an abdominal distension at the newborn. From them that by the time of the child’s birth development of his digestive tract is not finished yet is main and it is heavy to not completely created intestines to digest food as there is a lack of the useful bacteria helping to digest milk. Besides, the kid eats every day more and more milk, but it is heavy to not up to the end developed intestines to digest it.

Also the option when in an organism of the child there is no lactose – special enzyme which helps to acquire lactose from breast milk is possible. And at artificial feeding, perhaps, the child is given simply mix which does not suit it.

Also the wrong position of the baby during feeding can become the reason of swelling. If, feeding the kid, it is wrong to put him to a breast, he by all means will swallow air that will bring it discomfort. It is very simple to avoid gripes for this reason: it is enough to take the child in vertical situation that excess air left.

There are cases when mothers harm to the child, without keeping to a laktatsionny diet: using bean, the garden radish, and other products increasing release of gases – or start luring early the child products not most favorable for this purpose – apple or pear puree which irritate mucous intestines, that causing inconveniences to the kid.

Sometimes swelling occurs because of colibacillus or other pathogenic bacteria which the child can pick up anywhere, beginning from maternity hospital, children’s policlinic and finishing with the house. As a result of the activity these microorganisms increase the gas generation in intestines leading to belly-ache.

Treatment of an abdominal distension at the newborn child

Organism of the small child still very weak and weak therefore also treatment for it has to be sparing. Most often, to relieve the kid of swelling, use ukropny water or herbal teas from a camomile or fennel. It is also possible to apply special drops which reduce gas generation.

If the baby cries after food, so most likely, something not so with feeding process. Change the child’s pose during feeding and do not use in food of the products provoking swelling.

Also massage helps to accelerate process of an otkhozhdeniye of gases. For this purpose, having put the child on a back, massage his tummy weak roundabouts clockwise.

You should not forget that the abdominal distension can become not only a physiological problem. Young mothers, being frightened by continuous crying of the kid, are lost, panic and by that do only worse. Therefore it is very important to calm the child. Put it to yourself on a stomach or take on hands and wear. Uniform rockings and knock of mother’s heart will calm the child, and he will quickly fall asleep. It is also possible to put on a tummy of the kid a warm diaper, previously having ironed it the iron. Thus fabric has to be pleasantly warm, but is not hotter.

Emergence of swelling in the child does not mean at all that he is sick. Gripes can torment also absolutely healthy kid. But if he shouts regularly, constantly and in any way it is not possible to calm him, it is necessary to consult with the expert.

Author of article: Polyakova Elena Anatolyevna, the pediatrician, especially for the site ayzdorov.ru