Abdominal distension during pregnancy – the reasons and symptoms of an abdominal distension during pregnancy

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The abdominal distension reasons during pregnancy

Abdominal distension during pregnancy – the reasons and symptoms of an abdominal distension during pregnancy

Future mothers enough part face a problem of an abdominal distension during pregnancy. The main reason for this widespread phenomenon consists that the uterus extends, squeezing intestines. Usually this problem becomes the most actual with increase in a fruit in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

Also owing to change of a hormonal background of the woman bearing the child the tone of intestines decreases and digestion that leads to a congestion of gases and emergence of unpleasant feelings is at a loss.

Often at pregnant women deterioration of work of a pancreas and, as a result, a lack of enzymes for digestion of food is observed. This factor too can become the meteorizm reason.

There are cases when the swelling observed and before pregnancy, considerably amplifies after conception of the child. Most likely, as the reason of it the chronic disease of a digestive tract serves. In this case it is necessary to see a doctor and to pass inspection for clarification of the prime cause.

Also it is worth consulting to the expert in a situation when the meteorizm before disturbing the woman extremely seldom arises suddenly and does not pass within several days. Such swelling can develop not because of pregnancy, and owing to any acute disease.

Treatment of an abdominal distension during pregnancy

Abdominal distension during pregnancy – the reasons and symptoms of an abdominal distension during pregnancy

In spite of the fact that pregnancy in itself can be the reason of swelling, it does not mean that he should not be treated. As this process is followed by unpleasant feelings, it can affect the general condition of future mother.

In traditional medicine many ways of fight against this illness are known.

It is possible to use teas and infusions from various medicinal herbs and seeds of plants. For example, broth from a coriander very quickly calms swelling. For this purpose 1 teaspoon of seeds of a coriander is crushed and, having filled in with a glass of hot water, boil during a couple of minutes. The infused and filtered broth is drunk three times a day before food.

If the meteorizm accompanies gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice or a lock, it is worth accepting 3–4 times a day 1 tablespoon of infusion from watch leaves. On a glass of boiled water it is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of dried leaves, to insist 1 hour and to filter.

In a case when an abdominal distension – not the symptom of any diseases, and simply is reaction of an organism to this or that food, it is possible to cope with it by means of change of a food allowance.

First of all it is necessary to reduce the use of products which provoke excessive release of gases. Those are bean, the cabbage, the majority of fresh vegetables and black bread. Naturally, it is not necessary to refuse them for the entire period of pregnancy at all. It is necessary to cease to eat these products during a meteorizm aggravation, and in all rest of the time it is necessary to reduce simply their quantity in the menu. The moderate use of vegetables will hardly do much harm to the healthy pregnant woman and will not cause her any discomfort.

Besides, influences health of pregnant women not only that is, but also as. A constant overeating will only worsen digestion and will become the reason of constant weight in a stomach. Try to eat with small portions if there is a wish – that more often, but gradually.

As prevention of problems with digestion kefir or yogurt before going to bed as they contain the bacteria helping an organism with processing of food can serve.

At bad attacks of a meteorizm at pregnant women perhaps also use of various medicines from swelling.

It is very important to remember one rule: whatever reasons caused swelling at pregnant women and what methods of treatment would not be applied (traditional or traditional medicine), before their use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The expert will help to establish the reason of an indisposition and will prompt a treatment method depending on the diagnosis and specific features of an organism.

Author of article: Gorshenina Elena Ivanovna, gastroenterologist