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Osteochondrosis – Medical exercises at osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis - Medical exercises at osteochondrosis Set of exercises at osteochondrosisMedical exercises at osteochondrosis it is necessary to do daily, without passing day. This set of exercises at osteochondrosis consists of five consecutive exercises which can do both adults, and children for prevention. So, we will start exercises.Exercise 1. Incline the head forward, at the same time pressing on a forehead the weaved fingers of …

Charging at backbone osteochondrosis

Charging at backbone osteochondrosis LFK – important and obligatory part of complex therapy of osteochondrosis. As mezhpozvonkovy disks have no own blood vessels, food they receive through nearby fabrics, first of all, back muscles. Regular physical activities promote strengthening and …

Diet at osteochondrosis

Diet at osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis is a disease which can be near is caused factors and is characterized by degenerate changes in a mezhpozvonkovy disk, with further distribution on other its departments, and also on all musculoskeletal device in general, and on nervous system, in particular. …

Treatment of osteochondrosis in house conditions – compresses, massage, Kuznetsov’s Applicator, medical bathtubs

Treatment of osteochondrosis in house conditions – compresses, massage, Kuznetsov's Applicator, medical bathtubs Osteochondrosis – promptly "looking younger" disease caused by a degeneration and dystrophy of mezhpozvonkovy disks. Pathology is capable to take lumbar, chest and cervical zones of a backbone, most often meets at people of 20 years. Statistically, about 80% of inhabitants of Earth are familiar with osteochondrosis. Whether it is possible to fight against it, without leaving the house?Compresses