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Parotitis – treatment of parotitis folk remedies and by methods

Parotitis – treatment of parotitis folk remedies and by methods Treatment of parotitis folk remediesTraditional medicine offers some means which help to facilitate the course of parotitis and to avoid complications. These recipes are directed on removal of an inflammation of salivary glands, simplification of the general condition of the child, disinfection of an oral cavity. Treatment of parotitis compresses

Parotitis – complication parotitis

Parotitis – complication parotitis Parotitis can become the reason of serious complications. In most cases at timely treatment of parotitis and competent approach to therapy of a disease inflammatory process is limited to salivary glands and does not extend on other bodies, but nevertheless the risk of complications at parotitis remains rather high, especially if the disease proceeds in a heavy form.Complications of parotitis from endocrine …

Parotitis – prevention of parotitis

Parotitis – prevention of parotitis Epidemic parotitis belongs to viral infectious diseases, it is followed by intoxication of an organism and an inflammation of salivary glands. In more exceptional cases other glands of an organism, some internal or nervous system suffer from parotitis. …

Parotitis – purulent parotitis

Parotitis – purulent parotitis What is the purulent parotitis?Purulent parotitis is followed by a purulent inflammation of parotid salivary gland. In gland secret at microbiological research it is possible to find staphylococcus and streptococci. Carry to ways of distribution of an infection stomatogenny (the infection extends in a mouth), hematogenic (the infection is carried with blood current) and limfogenny (transfer of an infection is promoted by a …