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Pneumonia – antibiotics at pneumonia

Pneumonia – antibiotics at pneumonia At treatment of all forms of pneumonia prescription of antibiotics is required. The wide range of medicines of this group presents experts with a preparation choice, the most effective and safe for each specific patient. Partly the knowledge of the general principles of prescription of antibiotics at pneumonia helps to solve this problem, and also information on the most often found mistakes when carrying out therapy by antibacterial means. …

Pneumonia – Treatment of pneumonia herbs

Pneumonia – Treatment of pneumonia herbs Doses for different age groups. For children till one year a half of a teaspoon per day is recommended. To children till three years – one teaspoon per day. To children from three to six years – one dessertspoon per day. To children from 6 to 10 years – one tablespoon per day. To people 10 years – on 2 tablespoons of collecting per day are more senior.Recipe 1