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Sleeplessness – sleeplessness at pregnancy

Sleeplessness – sleeplessness at pregnancy During pregnancy sleeplessness is, unfortunately, not such and an unusual occurrence. It can have practically any forms: at one women the night dream becomes uneasy and they often wake up in the middle of the night, others long turn with a side sideways, trying it is more convenient to settle in a bed, the third very strongly are anxious about wellbeing of the child. Result, alas, one: the bad dream harms not only to mother, but also the kid. …

Sleeplessness – the reasons and symptoms of sleeplessness

Sleeplessness – the reasons and symptoms of sleeplessness What is sleeplessness?Sleeplessness – frustration of a dream which in life practically each person for certain faced. This concept includes a sleep deficit, inability or impossibility fully to sleep, problems with falling asleep, short time of a dream or continuous early awakenings to fall asleep with impossibility again. Sleeplessness reasons