Clarification of kidneys – Clarification of kidneys a water-melon

Contraindications of clarification of kidneys water-melon

Clarification of kidneys - Clarification of kidneys a water-melon

Method clarifications of kidneys water-melon it is known for much. A water-melon diet – one of the most productive that is very important, thus also a tasty way to say goodbye to slags in kidneys. Though this method has also contraindications, to them belong – the diseases connected with urine outflow violation, congenital anomalies of urinogenital system, nefropatoz, nefrolitiaz, prostate gland adenoma, the secondary pyelonephritis caused by emergence of postoperative adhesive processes, also diabetes. To all this if to do cleaning with black bread, should refuse it the people suffering zheludochno – intestinal diseases. Especially contraindications concern to the people having stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum as perforation of an ulcer is possible.

It is impossible to clean kidneys water-melons categorically at a fosfaturiya because making the peeling cleaning of kidneys, we involuntarily create favorable conditions for active formation of phosphatic stones. As a result the chronic renal failure that will result, most likely, in disability will develop. As well the chronic renal failure is a reason for refusal of water-melon cleaning of kidneys.

Besides it is necessary to consider that during cleaning the office of urine increases, and it is in turn strictly forbidden patients who have in kidneys korallovidny stones as mochetochnik can injure keen edges of these stones.

Clarification mechanism

The most convenient time for carrying out cleaning is the end of summer, just during a water-melon season. For clarification of kidneys by means of a water-melon, it will be necessary for you not only a water-melon, but also black bread, that’s all the menu for the whole week. It is not really harmless procedure, especially for the people having heart troubles. For this reason, it is very important that near you during clarification there were close people. Prepare just in case, Corvalol, validol, liquid ammonia, as it too operation only without knife. Considering that kidneys are more active of 17do 21 o’clock, it and is good time for removal of stones. The water-melon will wash out strenuously kidneys, and the biorhythm will give the necessary strength to distil sand and stones.

Scheme of procedure

Clarification of kidneys - Clarification of kidneys a water-melon

Get into a bath with warm water and begin to absorb water-melons. As a result together with urine sand and stones will start leaving. Warmth promotes disclosure of urinary tract and has soothing effect at an exit of stones. Similar cleaning, it is good to carry out repeatedly in 2 – 3 weeks for achievement of good result because after the first week of cleaning there can be only a sand. After the second cleaning the stone can go down in a mochetochnik. And it in turn increases risk that the stone will get stuck there. After thirds of week of cleaning, stones usually leave.

Additional effects from a water-melon diet

As in a water-melon still there is also a cellulose, it strengthens an intestines vermicular movement therefore the water-melon diet will be useful and to the people suffering from locks though is very harmful to people inclined to a diarrhea. Still pay attention as will stock up with water-melons, stock up not black, but white without – with acid bread. It because the water-melon possesses pronounced alkaline properties, eating water-melons, we zashchelachivat urine which usually has, sour reaction. Increasing alkalinity of urine, we set certain types of salts from which nephroliths are in certain cases formed in motion.