Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

Description of green tea

Green tea is the long-term evergreen bush reaching 10m in height. At a plant beautiful, long, languid-green color the leaves having an oval form. Leaves contain basic sklereida in the pulp. In bosoms of leaves the fragrant flowers collected on 2–4 pieces or one by one are located. Tsvetolistiki and bracts settle down on a spiral. A fruit of green tea – a box, slightly flat, consisting of three shutters. In a fruit there are seeds of a roundish form, dark brown color.

Since the end of summer to the last days of fall the period of blossoming of this plant lasts. From October to December the plant fructifies. Plantations of green tea are in China, India, Japan, South America and in Africa.

Structure of green tea:

This fresh, strong drink contains a set of chemicals, it caused useful effect of tea. More than five hundred components it is revealed in its leaves, including calcium, fluorine, and also magnesium, phosphorus, so necessary for an organism, and there are a lot of others. In it it is revealed some honeycombs of difficult connections of an organic origin and the majority of known vitamins. Special usefulness of green tea is caused by existence in it of the following connections:

Caffeine – it is the main alkaloid, it the presence at tea gives forces and energy to our organism, invigorates and makes active a brain. However usual tea contains not caffeine, and its analog called by theine. Effect of theine is slightly softer, than caffeine, thus it also makes active energy of a brain of the person, improves mood, and together with it working capacity and activity. Also caffeine in green tea helps to raise the lowered blood pressure, expands vessels of heart, brain and kidneys.

Minerals, containing in green tea, promote the correct functioning of all our bodies. Preventing violation of balance of minerals, it strengthens immunity, promotes an excellent condition of nails, hair and teeth.

Catechins – these are flavonoids, excellent antioxidants. Their influence in tens times surpasses effect from vitamins. Drink a cup of green tea during the day, and your organism will receive all necessary amount of polyphenols. The similar effect is found in catechins of other natural products, for example, of carrots, spinach, strawberry and broccoli. Being an effective antioxidant, this product suppresses free radicals in an organism, reducing risk of developing of a cancer. Tea increases natural immunity, destroys microbes thanks to what it is recommended at dysentery.

Advantage of green tea

Usefulness of green tea is known for a long time. And this fact is admitted not only national doctors, but also official establishments. The most venerable pharmaceutical companies along with producers of cosmetics use this unique, miracle plant in the products. Useful properties of green tea actively are used in nutritious creams and in dietary supplements.

Experience action of this wonderful product – wash in the morning and before going to bed freshly brewed drink, you will feel improvement of a tone of skin. It is very useful to wipe a neck and area of the person slices of the frozen green tea. Repeat this procedure regularly, and the vigorous and cheerful mood will be provided to you. Green tea will help to get rid of unhealthy rashes on your skin, and also of other similar negative symptoms on a face and a body.

Green tea is capable to make you the beauty. If for the evening at you far-reaching plans, it helps to become you simply stunning. Beauty of your skin such structure will wake. Mix about 20 g of a usual flour, an egg yolk and strong made tea. Put for 15 min. this weight on a face, carefully washing away after that. Your skin will get pleasant color, will finish and will be tightened. It is possible to strengthen this effect by means of a slice of ice of green tea.

You should not ignore and black tea, its advantage it is also obvious. Our mothers at the time of the youth did without sunbeds to make skin swarty. For this purpose fill in a little water in black tea, put on fire, bringing to boiling, and then insist, waiting when liquid cools down. This infusion twice a day wipe skin. You will become suntanned without solar bathtubs.

Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

But we will return to green tea. This drink normalizes digestion processes. Constantly using green tea, you will force to work quicker the internal – a liver, intestines and a stomach. Also you will notice additional effect – a healthy gum and teeth. To you stomatitis is not terrible any more. All this is promoted by surprisingly useful components with which tea is saturated. Antioxidants which are present at tea, are a surprising prophylactic against the cancer diseases which became the real trouble. In tea drink there is at necessary quantity a known antioxidant – zinc. This element is necessary for strengthening of nails, growth of hair, it promotes and to a tightening of wounds, for example at cuts.

Preparations of green tea have diuretic effect, but because of exciting action of a plant it cannot be applied, as diuretichesky means.

Green tea – the best remedy for fatigue. Green tea infusion is applied as antimicrobic cure for dysentery. Such tea is a prophylactic urolithic and cholelithiases. Green tea supports a tone of an organism and satisfies feeling of hunger.

People who spend much time behind the computer as it is converter of impact of negative radiation on an organism should drink green tea. Thanks to the content of vitamin C green tea helps will cope with many oncological diseases. The vitamin P containing in green tea does walls of blood vessels stronger and more elastic.

Useful properties of green tea are caused by that its structure in a large number contains various bioactive agents, microcells and vitamins. In the course of production of a product tea leaves are not exposed to full oxidation (fermentation) at the expense of what they also keep the green color. Thanks to the sparing drying the useful substances and vitamins which are in leaves do not collapse, unlike black tea.

Than green tea is useful?This curative drink has the toning effect on all systems of an organism. In it there are a caffeine and tannin stimulating cogitative activity of a brain. It is useful to drink it for prevention of a tromboobrazovaniye, it reduces sugar level in blood, protects a liver from toxins and facilitates symptoms of diabetes of the second stage.

This drink is recommended to be taken after the postponed catarrhal diseases for faster restoration of an organism. They say that it is capable to accelerate healing of wounds and burns. The regular use of infusion from tea leaves removes symptoms of some skin diseases.

Harm of green tea

Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

The substances rendering both positive, and negative impact on a human body are a part of green tea. For example, caffeine in it as much, how many and in coffee therefore you should not take this curative drink at an elevated pressure. Besides, are
present at green tea teofillin and theobromine, having exciting effect on nervous system of the person. That is why infusion from tea leaves is not recommended to people with hypererethism and at sleeplessness.

Strong drink is unambiguously harmful at:

  • At unstable nervous system and at diseases of a cardiovascular path. Certainly, theine is harmful to them. But tea is rich not with one theine, in it there are substances which are actively influencing these systems as causes its harmful effects, for example at the expense of theobromine.

  • At pregnancy. It interferes with natural splitting of the folic acid so vital to the developing brain of future kid. All this is connected with the contents in is mute a high dose of a chemical preparation with the name "gallatepigallokatekhin" difficult to pronounce. Again we will mention the caffeine contraindicated to pregnant women. Whether black tea interferes with splitting of folic acid for certain is proved, but here caffeine in is mute after all contains. Only several cups of any tea in a day can cause the child’s birth with the lowered weight, stimulate premature birth with possible death of a fruit.

  • At a temperature. Is present at tea teofillin, capable to increase temperature of the person. Therefore the patient with a temperature, having drunk green tea, will even more worsen the state.

  • At stomach ulcer. Rather a tea is contraindicated, than is really harmful. Strong tea, and green in particular, increases acidity of gastric juice, and it, in turn, interferes with natural process of healing of wounds. As a result the condition of the patient can significantly will worsen.

  • At an unhealthy liver. Here it should be noted specifically green tea. Some connections containing in tea extremely load a liver, in particular, if to drink this drink in large quantities. And here in black tea of these connections it is not enough.

  • Washing away of useful microcells. Tea brings metals out of an organism. Again because of theine.

  • For a skeleton and bones. The analyses put by scientists on animals showed unexpected results. It appears, tea negatively influences a skeleton and, in particular, density of tissue of bones. To be fair we will notice that in public similar researches did not become.

  • Formation of urea. Any tea is rich with purina which in the course of assimilation synthesize urea. It, as we know, is poisonous, and is removed from an organism hardly. Its salts synthesize the crystals developing gout. In addition green tea breaks a condition of the people having arthritis and rheumatism.

  • For teeth. Though here it was indicated the opposite an effect, but there are data according to which tea perniciously influences enamel of teeth. To that to trust? Unambiguously you will not answer, but it is hardly worth rinsing tea teeth when cleaning.

  • Digestion of iron. Caffeine interferes with digestion of necessary iron.

Harm of tea from misuse:

  • It was already said that old tea is harmful. At long storage in it the set of purin collects. Though at the time of tea leaves they are already formed, but eventually processes of their formation accrue and half an hour later tea already you should not use.

  • Joint use of tea and alcohol causes intensive formation of the aldehydes doing harm to kidneys.

  • The excessive use of drink causes a state of intoxication, the head starts hurting, nausea, dizziness is rolled.

  • You should not take extremely hot drink in high doses. Therefore if you constantly use excessively warmed up tea, inevitably there are burns of an internal. They are deformed, painfully shrivel, on fabrics cracks are formed. Such burns by all means raise degree of risk of cancer diseases. Here it should be noted that it not harm of tea as that.

  • Zavarivaniye does by abrupt boiled water of tea it almost useless as the most valuable substances collapse thus. And here harmful elements significantly increases, the same purin, for example.

The interesting: How it is correct to choose green tea?

Application of green tea

Green tea is applied at atherosclerosis, a hypertension and various poisoning, even at the alcoholic. Green tea is a strong antioxidant which helps to struggle with obesity, weakness and fatigue. And also preparations from green tea apply at a diarrhea, burns from sunshine, from caries and in various diets. Green tea is capable to absorb about 90% of an isotope, without allowing it to influence a human body negatively. Thanks to the medicinal properties green tea stops growth of cancer tumors.

Caries – the most widespread problem of many teenagers and adults. Green tea quickly and effectively destroys bacteria in a mouth which do not allow to be formed to caries.

Green tea reduces the content of cholesterol in an organism, does vessels more elastic, brings an exchange of lipids into norm, accelerates a fatty exchange and does not allow an organism to grow old quickly.

Green tea – an excellent sudorific. And if to mix it with a lemon, the effect will be even better. Besides, green tea brings slags and toxins out of an organism.

Infusion of green tea at atherosclerosis, an elevated pressure and high cholesterol. Take 3 grams of dry green tea and wash out it boiled water is it is necessary for reduction of the content of caffeine in it. Further we fill in green tea of 100 ml of boiled water and we insist about 10 minutes. Accept such tea on a glass for time three times a day. But, considering that fact that the person takes green tea, in day it is necessary to drink no more than 1,2 l of liquid (it considering and 3 glasses of the tea).

Infusion of green tea at dysentery. Take 25 grams of the crushed raw materials of a plant and fill in 500 ml of boiled water. Leave everything to be drawn on half an hour. Then we put structure on weak fire for 1 hour. After that it is necessary to filter ready infusion. We store such drink only in the refrigerator. Accept infusion on 2 tablespoons in 30 minutes prior to meal 4 times a day.

Tea at diarrhea. Many people suffer such illness. Will help green tea will cope with it. This plant contains bactericidal substances which destroy pathogenic microorganisms in intestines and a stomach. To get rid of diarrhea, 2–3 days in the morning, during the lunchtime are enough and to drink strong green tea in the evening – and the illness will pass.

Infusion at a vitamin deficiency. We take 3 grams of the crushed tea and we fill in 100 ml of boiled water, we leave to be drawn for 10 minutes. After that we add 1 teaspoon of syrup of a dogrose to it. Every day after meal we accept such infusion on 100 ml three times, only in a warm look.

How to make green tea?

Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

That green tea was useful and gave that effect which from it is expected, it needs to be made correctly.

It is necessary to treat three factors seriously:

  • Most important from them – the water temperature and its quality.

  • Portion of the made tea.

  • Tea leaves process duration.

Optimum combinations of these three parameters will give excellent drink. Let’s dwell upon it.

  • 1. How to define an optimum portion of tea? Here it is necessary to tak
    e the sizes of tea leaves, and also density of tea leaves which is required to be received into account. On average one teaspoon, counting on a full glass of water undertakes.

  • 2. What duration of process of a zavarivaniye? This parameter depends on the sizes of tea leaves, and also the desirable toning effect – intensive or slightly slowed down. Consider, the theine causing so desirable toning effect is dissolved on the first minute of process of a zavarivaniye. Then there is a primary saturation of tea leaves tannins. Only after them our organism acquires theine. Therefore, when you expect from a tea ceremony of an intensive charge of cheerfulness, leaflets of tea should not be held in tea leaves more long than one – one and a half minutes. On the contrary, if you want not too intensive inflow of forces, but enduring, sustain tea leaves slightly more long, than it is specified in the instruction. But consider that tea will turn out in this case slightly bitterish. Experimenting this indicator, you will find for yourself the options accepted for each case.

  • 3. What it is necessary to use water for tea leaves? As well as for the majority of drinks, the best option – water from a spring source. As not everyone lives near a spring, it is possible to use the filtered water. When there is no even that then let’s tap water of time be defended a little. The bought distilled water is a little suitable for tea leaves. Also does not follow water to tea repeatedly to boil. In general to water is inadmissible to perekipat as to make tea fresh abrupt boiled water by no means it is inadmissible!

  • Temperature of zavarochny water around 80-90 is recommended? C. Without having near at hand a thermometer, to determine suitable temperature quite simply. It is necessary to open a cover and when steam starts rising at a teapot, to bring to it a hand. Steam should not burn a hand. Such temperature will be optimum. Acquire once and forever – boiled water destroys the majority of useful substances in tea, doing this drink useless!

  • 4. What to prefer ware for a zavarivaniye of green tea? The best ware is that which long keeps high temperature. Well clay or porcelain teapots approach. Experts on tea Japanese use the teapot made of the enameled cast iron, and here Arabs prefer silver ware. The ware should not have foreign smells. For this purpose very much preliminary rinsing of ware boiled water will help. Still it is necessary that the cold teapot did not collect heat of water in itself which was intended for tea leaves.

    When after several procedures of a zavarivaniye on an internal surface of a teapot there is a yellowish raid, to delete it do not hurry. Such film is a peculiar protection against adverse external factors. Perhaps, it will guard the guests not familiar with such subtleties of a tea ceremony, but, it appears, you will find a way to explain them a situation.

  • 5. Direct procedure of a zavarivaniye. The teapot used for this purpose needs to be warmed up previously over naked flame. Only then to fill up tea. The spoon has to be dry and pure. The teapot is wrapped in soft fabric. Gourmets of tea ceremonies apply for this purpose special beautiful things. A teapot maintain a couple of minutes in heat. Tea leaves are filled in on a third of capacity with hot water. Maintain 2-3 more min. then add a teapot chock-full.

    Cups, it is desirable also from clay or porcelain, intended for a tea ceremony, rinse with hot water before use. After all the hot tea poured in a cold cup quickly cools down. The general duration of procedure of a zavarivaniye – on average 3-4 min. Pour drink in cups small, identical volumes, identical taste of tea for all guests so turns out.

  • 6. Sometimes tea is prepared in the cup (also those fans meet) impose no more than one tsp of tea leaves. Such drink is drawn about 2 minutes. Emergence on a surface of a teapot of a skin of a yellow-brownish shade means the correct mode of preparation. It is not required to clean a skin, it is stirred simply a spoon in a cup. Also do not forget to warm up a cup in which tea is ready.

  • 7. How many it is allowed tea leaves and with what to drink tea? It is considered to be that sugar – the enemy of green tea. It is better to use for a dessert honey, and at its absence – dried fruits. Again high-quality tea is made to seven times. However more than two times it is better not to do it. We take tiny mini-chaynichek, we make it on time, and then once again we repeat. Time of secondary tea leaves increases. Initial tea leaves differ in the most tart aroma. Further taste of tea starts revealing actually.

Whether it is always possible to drink green tea? Many people take this curative drink, thinking that it well satisfies thirst. For example, in Central Asia it is drunk hot during the works in the field, however this big delusion. Tea leaves from tea leaves are a strong diuretic, and, drinking it in a hot season, the person thereby dehydrates the organism. Besides, the excessive use of tea leaves can lead to deterioration of a condition of nervous system.

It is impossible to drink drink on an empty stomach. It irritates mucous a stomach that can lead to development of gastritis or ulcer. It is not recommended to drink it and before acceptance of food as it reduces assimilation of a protein by digestive bodies. Still it envelops walls of a stomach and causes fluidifying of a saliva, why the food can seem to the tasteless.

Caffeine in green tea

Small doses of caffeine at moderate consumption of tea leaves from green leaves tone up, help to take off fatigue, increase physical and intellectual activity of the person. However at all beneficial influence of this noble drink on an organism it is impossible to forget and about its harm. Because of caffeine abuse of green tea is not recommended to the people having cardiovascular diseases. It can lead to various complications.

Green tea with milk

Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

This curative drink mixed with milk perfectly clears kidneys, strengthens and tones up an organism. Still this "cocktail" is loved very much by the Chinese long-livers. Milk neutralizes effect of caffeine and other alkaloids and therefore such drink can be drunk bravely for the health. Though it is a high-calorie product, but excess calories in it is mute are compensated by calcium. Interesting research during which some women drank daily on a glass of milk was conducted. Strangely enough, as a result to all pluses of such diet, in the form of strengthening of nails, teeth and bones still weight reduction of examinees was added. According to organizers of experiment, this phenomenon is connected with deficiency of calcium. Subsequently scientists developed a special diet on the basis of green tea with milk, and its efficiency was proved already by practical consideration. The processes of cleaning in an organism caused by the tea use in combination with the milk diet rich with microcells, promotes weight loss without any harm connected with organism exhaustion.

What essence of such diet? It is possible to note two ways – soft and radical. When you strive for the forced result and have no problems with a stomach, drastic measures are applied. It is necessary to eat only some fruit in a day, having refused all other products. We drink green tea with milk. S
ugar if in it is mute requirement it is insuperable, replace with a honey spoon. Besides tea with milk addition, it is necessary to drink from one and a half liters of simple water. If it everything very not easy for you, so you are still indecisive in the aspirations to grow thin.

But we will assume that you aimed to be cleared of slags only. Then the fasting day is that is necessary to you. Such measure is certainly much softer – only one day can and be suffered. But about usual food after all it is necessary to forget in that day to allow tea to make the influence.

Let’s consider directions of use of miracle drink. Them also only two, and here what.

Way first: Gourmets assure – the highest efficiency of a tea milk diet will be reached if to prepare tea leaves directly on milk. That is water is not used at all. Dry tea is filled in with heated milk. In this case simple water is drunk only separately from drink.

Way second: This option is considered simpler, but not so useful. Boiled water and milk mix in parts, equal on volume, and in such mix fill up tea leaves. That tea is one color more green, but taste its not such dairy.

Still we will note that use of green tea on milk possibly and we heat, and cold. Less useful it will not become from it. Green tea enjoys wide popularity of athletes. Counting on miracle properties of tea, it is necessary to use it not only after training, but also to it. The range of useful influence of tea is huge. It is included in the diet by judges of bodybuilding, fitness and simply people of active lifestyle. But here the lowered pressure is an essential reason to refrain from green tea. After all one of its major functions – fight against a hypertensive illness.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea — the advantage and harm of green tea, green tea with milk raises/lowers pressure how to make green tea?

By medical community still it is not made the unambiguous decision yet, whether green tea influences weight loss though many people believe in efficiency of weight reduction by means of this product. And such way of weight loss became fashionable recently. It is considered that this infusion strengthens exchange processes in an organism and accelerates fat removal, it is a powerful antioxidant and promotes strengthening of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity.

If you felt easy hunger, instead of having a snack drink an infusion cup from tea leaves without sugar better. At regular its use it is possible to throw off 2–3 kg, and in combination with a diet stunning results are reached. Let’s rememberthe main tea gourmets – Chinese and Japanese. To find among them the fat man very difficult. In what ability of tea to relieve of excessive weight consists? It became clear – from among useful qualities of green tea that are capable to cause weight loss prevail. Drink perfectly clears an organism, improves work of a stomach and intestines, removing slags, raises a metabolism. Positive impact of tea on acceleration of processes of splitting of fats is proved. This drink allows to forget about hunger.

Let’s consider further how more effectively to involve useful qualities of green tea to the people wishing to get rid of surplus of weight.

  • 1. For half an hour before meal it is simple to drink a little tea (however we will note that to drink green tea before food harmfully to a stomach. If you decide it to use before food, only in 15 minutes prior to food). It is an excellent way to grow thin. For one-time reception the teaspoon is made on 300 g of water, insisted about two minutes and drunk without sugar. Such reception will reduce feeling of hunger a little, but thus will accelerate the processes which are responsible for digestion of food, burning of fats. It is possible to recommend to add to usual tea of a plant which also promote weight loss. Among them, for example, the hibiscus differing in the light laxatives, and also diuretic effects. Also the hawthorn fruits, rassasyvayushchy fats reducing cholesterol will approach. One more additive – small ground cinnamon. With it tea develops a refined, pleasant taste, and the metabolism will amplify much. At last, even brutal appetite is suppressed by the flax seed spoon eaten behind a cup of green tea.

  • 2. Add green tea to a dining table. There is one recipe which will possibly seem to you original and even the little strange. Try to grind tea in thin powder the coffee grinder. Eat a spoon of this powder in the course of any meal. It is possible to wash down it with water. It is even possible to eat powder in pure form, and, say, to strew with it cold appetizers, for example, salads, porridges, Russian salad. It is not necessary to add it to various soups or cocktails containing a lot of liquid only. In such dishes powder will simply be dissolved and its influence will be significantly lower or is simply weakened. This recipe reached us from China. And in this country people know how to keep a figure.

  • 3. If you already keep to a diet, tea excellently will be suitable for improvement of effect. In general the best nutritionists recommend to drink at weight loss as often as possible green tea. Fast disposal of surplus in weight is promoted by the use of fruit and vegetable dishes. Reduce thus in the diet amount of sweets, flour products. Replace fried meat with use of fats, with the boiled. Try to add less to food of salt and especially sugar. And here various grain – buckwheat, rice has to become desired on your table. Certainly too in reasonable quantities. Also remember, drink regularly green tea as at weight loss there are no restrictions on its reception. Now we will talk about the most successful combinations of dietary diets and green tea.

How green tea influences weight reduction processes? Acceleration of processes of a metabolism is not the only factor of impact on weight reduction in a tea arsenal. There are some more useful functions in this direction, will list them:

  • the soft diuretic properties promoting, respectively, a conclusion of surplus of liquid. Though among all products which usually use together with green tea, milk does not appear in any way, for weight loss this ceremonial can be bypassed. Adding to tea slightly of skim milk, it is possible to strengthen sharply diuretic effect, it will be removed liquids more. And still this means – good prevention of puffiness of feet and a foot.

  • the polyphenols in excess quantity containing in tea strengthen heat exchange of an organism by means of effective processing of the postponed fats. Drinking some cups of tea in day, according to researches of scientists, it is possible to increase the mass of the burned fats almost by one and a half times.

  • reduction in sugar blood also favors to weight reduction, after all it helps not to feel hungry ahead of time. Drink all a cup of tea to food, and the lunch will seem to you much sytny, so it is possible to eat less. Those so plentiful meal, as usual, is also the ally in fight against surplus of weight.

There can be a question how it is long necessary to hold an obligatory component of a diet green tea? For this purpose two weeks will be enough literally, the organism habit to healthy food, a moderate diet will become a result of a tea diet. You receive double advantage – at first there will be a disposal of surplus of liquid, and already then fat is utilized. Having accustomed an organism to healthy food, you will be able sometimes to indulge yourself not so dietary products, without being afraid that it will lead to extra kilos of weight.

Extract of green tea

Such extract is made of the green, not fermented plant leaves. It is used in the cosmetic and
food industry. In cosmetology on its basis masks, creams, shampoos and many other things are issued. Such wide use of this product is connected with that preparations from tea leaves well influence preservation of youth of skin and its beauty. In the cosmetology sphere extract is used as preservative, an antioxidant, the stabilizer of natural dyes and as a deodorant.

Extract of green tea well nourishes and moistens skin, improves and strengthens its structure. Also it interferes with aging of skin, strengthening its protective functions, and at the cellular level makes the general positive impact. In the food industry extract of green tea is used as a natural antioxidant for prevention of oxidation of oils and fats. It is the stabilizer of a number of the unstable and quickly oxidized connections.

Contraindications to the use of green tea

In spite of the fact that green tea has a set of useful properties, it cannot be applied in excessive quantity. It in general is contraindicated to people with hypotonia as green tea reduces a blood pressure. Yazvennikam is also best of all not to use preparations from green tea.

People with sleeplessness are also not recommended to be fond of green tea because in its structure there is a caffeine exciting nervous and warm systems.

If you took alcohol, forget about green tea! If to use alcohol and green tea at the same time, aldehydes are formed, and it extremely will have an adverse effect on kidneys. It is undesirable to apply preparations from green tea and on a hungry stomach.

Author of article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor naturopath, phytotherapist