High pressure – the reasons, signs, symptoms. What to do at an elevated pressure?

What is pressure?

High pressure – this rather widespread disease, especially among women after forty years. As the illness a high pressure is shown rather slowly. Everything begins with that the person feels weakness, dizziness, develops then a bad dream, fast fatigue, a sleep of fingers, blood flows to the head, starts seeming that before eyes small "front sights" flash.

This stage can last within several years. Then in a human body appear renal and heart failure, in a brain blood circulation is broken. If at this initial stage not to accept any serious interventions and not to treat a high pressure, serious consequences are possible, to them carry even a heart attack. At such consequences the organism can completely cease to work, that is to function. At the last stages of a hypertension of people can even die.

Presently the elevated pressure meets at many people. It is necessary to treat this phenomenon very seriously as it increases risk of developing of a myocardial infarction, a stroke, threatens with violations of consciousness, development of renal or heart failure. Besides, the elevated pressure involves changes in stenochka of vessels and a retina of an eye that in turn can lead to deterioration of sight and a blindness.

In our society today as to an indicator of health treat the raised blood pressure very thoughtlessly though daily from screens of TVs and in specialized printing editions it is said that is the most important risk factor of vascular and heart diseases. Research data show that at 40% of people in the world the blood pressure is raised, and the number it constantly increases. Men are slightly more subject to this indisposition.

Reasons of a high pressure

High pressure – the reasons, signs, symptoms. What to do at an elevated pressure?

Pressure reason – these are stresses and continuous experiences. Also the hypertension can develop at people who are genetically located to this illness. In development of a hypertension not the last role is played also by environment.

Than more people will endure stressful situations, subjects a high probability of that it can have a hypertension. If in due time to pay attention to a hypertension and to start it treating, it is possible to avoid serious consequences, but, as a rule, people do not notice symptoms of a hypertension and do not treat her in an initial stage. Even at the healthy person the elevated pressure in some situations can be observed. But thus it does not reach the crisis moment and is not dangerous to the person.

There are two types of a hypertension. It is a hypertensive illness and symptomatic arterial hypertension. The hypertensive illness is a chronic disease of cardiovascular system. At the moment it was not succeeded to learn the reasons of development of this disease precisely.

The raised blood pressure can be also provoked high content in the menu of saturated fatty acids. Mostly they are present at palm and coconut fats and animal fat (sour cream, oil and other). You should not forget also and about the hidden fats with which are rich cheese, sausages, cookies, various snack, chocolate, cakes. These products very kaloriyna though at first sight can seem not fat.

The excessive content of salt in food belongs to one more risk factor. In many products along with the hidden fats there is also a hidden salt owing to what it is recommended to make a conscious choice of the eaten products. It is better to give preference to fresh products and not to abuse partially prepared and packed up products. Conscious refusal of excessively salty products would bring huge benefit to health of the person.

The salt use excessively leads to deterioration of a condition of vessels (they become fragile and lose elasticity), to formation of structural changes in arteries renders strong load of physiological systems. The programs for decrease in the consumed salt accepted by some countries at the state level showed very good results.

Pressure increases and from excessive alcohol intake. It is wrong to consider that alcohol promotes pressure decline. In very moderate doses it does not influence pressure, but in large numbers alcohol provokes heartbeat acceleration on what arterial pressure directly depends. In addition, alcoholic beverages may contain biologically active agents capable to affect a blood pressure.

Inactive way of life, tension, stress also can be the reason of an elevated pressure. In the conditions of the intensive working environment dictated by realities of our time, the person has to carry out huge volumes of work, daily overcome various difficulties. Many people are engaged in the intellectual work involving an emotional overstrain. Increase of pressure can represent physiological reaction to any stressful or intense situation.

For overcoming of a daily stress without damage to health to everyone it is necessary to pick up for itself an individual way of relaxation which would allow to return emotional balance. One more adverse factor – smoking. At regular smoking blood vessels stay in a tone all the time, gradually lose the elasticity, are exposed to narrowing, are calcinated, on stenochka the deposit is formed and arterial pressure increases.

The elevated pressure can be also provoked excess weight, diseases, structure of an organism and other reasons.

Risk factors

To the most important factors because of which the elevated pressure can develop, refer smoking, alcohol intake, superfluous the body weight, heredity, and also advanced age, production impacts on the person, among which – noise and vibrations on production. The hypertension can develop at the person who had a disease of kidneys, emotional stresses, a craniocereberal trauma, long intellectual diseases. Also badly influences an organism and there is the reason of development of a hypertension an abuse of salt.

Arterial hypertension is characterized by the increased arterial pressure. Thus the person has a dizziness, headaches, visual acuity decreases. Also failures in work of heart, a heartache are possible. Also at an elevated pressure heat, a redness of the person or other sites of skin is felt, and extremities of a body get the lowered temperature, grow cold.

Symptoms and signs of an elevated pressure

High pressure – the reasons, signs, symptoms. What to do at an elevated pressure?

The person in most cases can not feel an elevated pressure at all (in this regard he is called quite often "silent killer"). One of the main dangers of this phenomenon also consists in it. It can seriously affect the health of the patient and even to threaten his life – in case of developing of a stroke or a heart attack. Most often the high pressure is felt in the form of feeling of alarm, nausea, interruptions of heart, painful feelings in heart, dizziness, a headache. At systematic emergence of these symptoms it is worth addressing to the doctor.

An important role in control of pressure is played by regular preventive checks.

High arterial pressure is considered if it higher than 160. And the high pressure can cause a headache, dizziness, darkening in eyes. There can be a heartache, and also interruptions in its work. Increase of pressure can be also followed by heat, face reddening and the increased perspiration. At the same time hands, on the contrary, become colder.

In case of neglect of an elevated pressure as symptoms already weak blood
circulation, hypostases, short wind during the active work, and later even at rest act.

Treatment of a high pressure

Elevated pressure, regardless of degree of its weight, it is necessary to treat – the high pressure leads to serious changes practically in all bodies for a long time. The doctor in that case has to appoint necessary treatment. He estimates all possible risk factors, selects necessary medicines and appoints the relevant medical activities.

The invaluable benefit to health of the person will be brought by reduction of amount of salt in food, refusal of smoking and the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, increase in physical activity (after consultation with the doctor), ability to relax and have a rest after intense day. For each person the individual treatment appointed by the qualified doctor has to be carried out.

What to do with a high pressure?

High pressure – the reasons, signs, symptoms. What to do at an elevated pressure?

If you have high arterial pressure, do not appoint to yourself independently drug treatment is at all only the doctor can make. Find time for physical exercises (too after medical consultation). These exercises have to be carried out with pleasure. Daily walk in the fresh air and if there is an opportunity, it is better outdoors. Do not spend all free time behind the computer or the TV at all.

Try to eliminate extra kilos (but without excessive fanaticism). People with excess kilograms have an increased risk of a disease of a hypertension. Also it is necessary to lower the content of table salt in the menu. From a diet it is necessary to eliminate coffee, smoked products, sugar, fat food and especially fast food. Once the thicket uses fish, garlic, raisin, cabbage, bananas.

But first of all, naturally, it is necessary to address to the doctor who will appoint the corresponding treatment. Along with drug treatment it is possible to use more tomatoes during a season of maturing and wild strawberry, daily to eat salads from crude carrots (about two months) and to apply other means resolved by the doctor.

Complications of a high pressure

Doctors say that people who have a hypertension, are more subject to atherosclerosis. Therefore both the heart attack, and a stroke happen at those people who suffers from a high pressure much more often. Also at a hypertension there can be a lameness as normal blood supply of feet stops.

The main problem of all complications is pressure upon heart. It is compelled to work with the raised loading. At this illness heart cannot cope with the raised loading, and blood circulation on a small and big circle changes. It is followed by short wind, a blood spitting, hypostases of extremities. These consequences also are, as a rule, the reason of a lethal outcome.

One more dangerous consequence at a hypertension are brain complications. If the elevated pressure torments the patient long time, in eye retina vessels inevitably there are dot hemorrhages, cholesterol adjournment. It leads to blood supply violation of that the degeneration, a retinopathy is result. All this can lead to blackout of sight or, in certain cases, to a blindness.

Author of article: doctor of medical sciences, therapist Mochalov Pavel Aleksandrovich