How to choose green tea?

How to choose green tea?

The quantity of fine grades of green tea is great. In one China their more than one thousand is cultivated. How it is correct to choose green tea on what of these grades to stop?

For this purpose it is worth visiting the shops or tea benches specializing on tea. In them sellers willingly will share the secrets, will tell in all details about any of grades. Here you will be able carefully to make out that grade which to you will seem to the interesting. It is necessary to pay attention, whether the garbage, and also excessive shanks and broken leaves contains in tea. Their admissible quantity – no more than 5% in lump. If is testifies that a product old more. Pay attention to color of leaflets. They can be various shades of bright green or pistachio color. But anyway natural green color has to dominate. If at tea there are leaves dark gray, and sometimes brown tones, it means that it was stored in improper conditions.

Let’s note, ability of green tea to be twisted differently. Tea leaves can be similar to a herbal if they are received by natural natural drying. Also densely twisted spiralk or balls meet. Strongly twisted spiralka will give strong, dense infusion. However at weak twist, tea is one taste softer and more gentle, possesses more intensive aroma.

Humidity of qualitative tea has to be ranging from 3 to 6%, in such tea its useful qualities remain. The increased humidity spoils tea when it exceeds 20%, it becomes covered by a mold and becomes very harmful and even poisonous!

To distinguish excessively damp tea easy, attentively having examined it. And here excessive fragility of tea leaves, on the contrary, the certificate of that that it is overdried. Pound some tea leaves fingers and check it for fragility. If they turn into dust, it is better not to buy tea. The fact of that tea is overdried, means the long term of its storage in a warehouse.

It is easy to reveal excessive remoistening of green tea. For this purpose open the capacity in which it is stored, it is filled, it has to be, almost chock-full. Having sharply pressed from above a finger, instantly release it and watch that occurs. When tea is well dried, it will quickly finish and will fill former volume, and the dent will be tightened. Excessively damp tea rises extremely slowly, on that place where there was a finger, it will be pressed.

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