How to get rid of an abdominal distension in house conditions?

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How to get rid of an abdominal distension in house conditions?

The abdominal distension (meteorizm) is one of the most widespread problems with which patients quite often come to the doctor. She is called by a congestion of gases in intestines as a result of digestion violation. Characteristic symptoms of a disease are: increase in volume of a stomach, its vspuchivaniye and internal raspiraniye. The similar state gives to the person a lot of inconvenience.

Coal from an abdominal distension

The popular and available means familiar to everyone since the childhood, are black tablets of absorbent carbon. It is possible to get them in any drugstore without recipe of the doctor. They are excellent absorbent and are not soaked up in a blood-groove. This means at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight of the person is accepted. It should not be chewed, and it is necessary to swallow entirely, washing down with water. Two-three crushed tablets of absorbent carbon divorced water will help to remove meteorizm symptoms quickly.

At an ulcer or gastritis this way of treatment is not recommended to be used most. Surely it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Coal can cause a short-term lock, but you should not worry as the stomach will be adjusted within several days.

Herbs from an abdominal distension

The most known means from formation of gases in intestines is ukropny water. It is given still to small children. The following recipe will be suitable for adults. One tablespoon of fennel is filled in 300 ml of boiled water and drawn on an extent of 2-3 hours in glass container or a thermos. The received amount of liquid after filtering should be shared into some portions and to accept for an hour to food on 0,5 glasses of infusion 3-4 times a day.

One more productive cure for an abdominal distension is the pharmaceutical camomile. To prepare broth of a herbal it is necessary to boil a tablespoon of flowers in a glass of water about five minutes and to allow to be drawn about 3-4 hours. Broth is drunk in number of 2 tablespoons in 15-20 minutes prior to food 4 times a day.

Tea from an abdominal distension

Use at an abdominal distension and the special tea prepared on the basis of green, but we heat it is impossible to drink it. It prepares as follows. It is a little tea leaves or bag of green tea, tablespoon of flowers of a camomile and pinch of a thyme. All this is filled in with hot water (temperature about 85 degrees), minutes 10 we insist and we drink in a warm look. Very well ginger tea – it helps and spasms removes and immunity strengthens. It is possible to make in the form of tea also a peppermint, bay leaf and a camomile.

Lemon from an abdominal distension

At a meteorizm it is recommended to use a lemon peel, then in intestines less gases are formed. Mix from ginger and juice of a lemon will be a good folk remedy. That it needs to prepare ginger to be ground in powder, and from a lemon to squeeze out juice. Then to mix 5 g of ginger powder with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. To accept gradually before food for 8-10 days. This medicine not only will exempt intestines from gases, but also will improve work of a stomach, will increase appetite.

Fennel at an abdominal distension

If in intestines gases are often formed, it is necessary to eat fennel greens. It can also be added to salads and various dishes. In 15-20 minutes after acceptance of food for the prevention of formation of gases it is possible to use 15 mg of the mix consisting from mixed in equal parts: fennel, bay leaf and seeds of fennel. For who in the anamnesis gastritis with the increased secretion useful will have fennel mix with honey in a proportion 1:1. Prepares on one tablespoon of mix.

From kefir there can be an abdominal distension?

To drink or not to drink kefir is a controversial issue. Someone claims that from it there is a swelling, others say that happens nothing. Nutritionists recommend to drink kefir during fasting days. At dysbacteriosis kefir is also necessary as it suppresses reproduction of the harmful bacteria causing an abdominal distension. The lactic acid containing in drink promotes digestion of vitamin D, iron and calcium, it splits protein casein.

Exercises from an abdominal distension

Exercises from an abdominal distensionit is possible to carry out for prevention daily or only at a congestion of gases. To improve a motility of a stomach it is necessary to strain and relax a stomach not less than 10-15 times. Exercise for an abdominal cavity consists in pulling up of hips to a trunk. Feet thus are clasped by hands. It is recommended to lie down in such pose of 1-2 minutes and to do exercise several times a day.

For performance of one more exercise and we remain to lie on a back, and we bend feet in knees. Palms of hands at us on a stomach, at an exhalation slightly we press on intestines area. We hold the breath for 6-7 seconds. At this time by palms it is carried out the stroking movements towards each other. On an exhalation we weaken pressing and we blow a stomach. Exercise is well combined with drink of medical tea and 5-7 times repeat.

Author of article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor naturopath, phytotherapist