Pain in the right side at pregnancy

Pain in the right side at pregnancy

During incubation of the kid almost each future mummy feels these or those pains arising in the most different bodies from time to time. Such pains do not develop just like that, do not arise in itself – they occur in view of some concrete reasons.

Pain on the right side at pregnancy – one of the most widespread. The large number of future mummies faces it, and all of them test at this moment the same feelings – a fright, excitement, fear of the unknown and opportunity to do much harm to the child.

Pain in the right side – a symptom of many diseases. The matter is that the stomach is not independent body, but set of various fabrics and bodies which are in it, each of which can undergo a disease. For this reason to define the exact reason of pain happens difficult.

What it is necessary to make first of all at emergence of a pain syndrome? It is necessary to define its character: sharp it is pain or with gradually increasing speed, pulling or pricking, etc. As a rule, instantly arisen pain syndrome which is not stopping for several minutes is a symptom of very serious pathology. Future mummy needs to resort to the help of the doctor urgently.

There is, a lot of, reasons responsible for emergence of pain in the right side during pregnancy here the main of them:

1. Extra-uterine pregnancy

It is one of the most common causes of developing of pain. When the impregnated ovum which did not fall to a uterus and got stuck in the right fallopiyevy pipe starts developing fully, the pipe quickly increases in sizes. As the uterine tube is not intended for development in it of a fruit and is not capable to reach the big sizes, in the course of growth of an embryo it is broken off. However before the pipe will burst, the woman feels sharp pains on the right side of a stomach.

Symptoms at extra-uterine pregnancy are similar to the symptoms tested at appendicitis. However at pipe pregnancy at the woman together with a pain syndrome bleeding can begin. The emergency hospitalization is necessary.

2. Appendicitis

Appendicitis also rather often lets know about itself during pregnancy. The indisposition is followed by the increased body temperature, a fever, nausea, sometimes vomiting and bad attacks of pain proceeding for a long time. And, initially pain syndrome appears in epigastralny area, and then passes into an inguinal podvzdoshny a site.

Future mother needs to call urgently "ambulance" – otherwise, because of the inflamed appendix serious complications with health are possible. The appendix is removed only in the surgical way.

3. Uterus stretching

Developing and growing fat, the fruit starts pressing on uterine sheaves on the right (or at the left) and muscles, provoking emergence of pains. Pain arises in the lower right site of a stomach and has the constant, aching character. At stirs of the kid pain can amplify. Doctors in such situation recommend to have a rest, not to do more hard manual work, to take heat baths.

4. Jamming of a mochetochnik

The child in a stomach grows, and the uterus, respectively, increases in sizes and gradually starts pressing on all bodies which surround it. One of them is the right mochetochnik who answers pressure of a uterus with unpleasant pain.

5. Ovary cyst

Pain in the right side at pregnancy

The cyst of an ovary can accompany the woman at a pregnancy planning stage, without having an effect in any way, and then suddenly to be shown during incubation of the kid in the form of the aching, dull ache. During pregnancy ovaries increase in sizes owing to what there is an irritation of nervous receptors and as the fact, emergence of a pain syndrome. If the woman had a rupture of a cyst of the right ovary or arose pereknut her legs, pain will have sharp, pristupoobrazny character.

By pressing a stomach pain amplifies, the stomach is intense. Pain can irradirovat (that is to give) in back pass because of what the woman has false desire to descend in a toilet for a defekation.

In this case future mother has to ask for medical assistance urgently. The doctor will appoint or the anesthetizing and spazmolitichesky preparations, or surgery for removal of the become torn cyst – everything depends on a concrete situation.

6. Diseases of a liver, kidneys, gall bladder and pancreas

  • Liver. Emergence of a pain syndrome in the right side can be provoked by the viral hepatitis A, B or C-a frequent disease of a liver. There is also toxic hepatitis showing owing to reception of medicines and other chemicals. Besides, the liver can respond painful feelings at frequent alcohol intake, heart failure, a gestoza.

  • Kidneys. Renal gripes on the right side most often result from finding of the stones located in the mouth of a mochetochnik, or inflammations, abscesses. Sharp pain is very similar to pain at appendicitis, however at renal gripes it can irradirovat in a waist, inguinal area and a back. If nephrolith left a mochetochnik and got stuck in his mouth, the woman can feel the painful pain rolling the periods.

  • Gall bladder. The pain syndrome appearing in a gall bladder can respond in the right side of future mother. Bile is necessary for an organism for digestion of food. After the use of fat food more bile, than usually therefore the gall bladder fills intestines with its huge number is required. If in a gall bladder there is a stone, supply of intestines with bile will be complicated and will be shown by pain.

  • Pancreas. Diseases of a pancreas have property to cause in the pregnant woman of pain of various character. One of such illnesses is pancreatitis – gland inflammation. The indisposition is shown by severe pains, vomiting, nausea, intensive sweating. Pain irradirut directly in a back, amplifying at lying situation and weakening the action at an inclination forward in a sitting position.

7. Apopleksiya (gap) of an ovary and dr

At the rupture of an ovary called by an apopleksiya at the pregnant woman strong bleeding owing to which at it chances to faint increase opens. The pain felt by future mummy is similar to pain at extra-uterine pregnancy. The woman needs the emergency rendering medical assistance.

Depending on abundance of blood loss, the doctor can appoint conservative (at small blood loss) or quick (at big blood loss) treatment.

The pregnant woman has to watch carefully over the health and at the slightest indispositions to address for council or the help to the doctor, after all now it is responsible not only for the life, but also for life of the child.

Author of article: Gorshenina Elena Ivanovna, gastroenterologist