Pain in the right side behind, from a back

Pain in the right side behind, from a back

Bol in the right side who is shown from a back – a symptom which can indicate a set of diseases including the serious. If the patient gets to the expert in time, it will allow it to avoid fatal complications and to receive appropriate treatment.

When there is a pain?

Pain in the right side felt in a back – a symptom which emergence it is possible at the following diseases.

  1. Diseases of respiratory system:

    • pleurisy ("Sukhoi");

    • pneumonia;

    • pheumothorax;

    • cancer of bronchial tubes, lungs.

  2. Diseases of digestive system:

    • intestinal colic;

    • sharp cholecystitis;

    • appendicitis.

  3. Diseases of an urinary system:

    • zabryushinny hematoma;

    • gidronefroz;

    • glomerulonefrit;

    • pyelonephritis;

    • kidney abscess;

    • renal colic.

  4. Damages of a backbone, spinal cord:

    • osteochondrosis;

    • spondilez;

    • intervertebral hernia.

The list of possible diseases at which the pain in the right side which is localized behind is observed is rather long. Surely it is worth paying attention to character of pain, to the accompanying symptoms.

Diseases of respiratory system

The pain in the right side which is shown from a back belongs to number of characteristic symptoms of pathologies of respiratory system.

  • The inflammation of a pleura (pleurisy) happens ekssudativny and dry, in both cases can declare itself sharp pain at breath. At a purulent form defective breath from the struck party is added to severe pains on the right. The dry form reports about itself the cutting painful attacks which are becoming more active at the movement, cough.

  • Pneumonia (right-hand pneumonia) is followed by such symptoms as increase in temperature, rattles in lungs, cough. Intensity of pain happens various.

  • Spontaneous pheumothorax gives the sharp sudden pain giving to a shovel.

  • Lung cancer, bronchial tubes – diseases to which the nagging pains which are localized in a back on the right are peculiar is possible also capture of a shovel, right shoulder. The syndrome becomes more active in process of increase in a tumor, in the course of the movement, cough, breath.

Diseases of digestive system

Pain in the right side behind, from a back

Pain which concentrates in the right side behind, can indicate and the problems relating to digestive system.

  • Sharp cholecystitis – a disease at which pain concentrates in the right mezhreberye, can be given in a nadplechya, a shovel, the right shoulder. In certain cases also burning in a waist joins. Duration of an attack can make of several days till several o’clock. Additional symptoms – growth of temperature, vomiting attacks.

  • Intestinal colic can also become the pain reason in this place. It is possible to eliminate it by means of No-Shpy, often it disappears independently.

  • The acute appendicitis is also capable to cause pain in the right side behind. This rare symptom appears if the appendicular shoot is localized behind a blind gut, is increased in sizes, is edematous.

Diseases of an urinary system

Many diseases of kidneys are capable to cause pain behind in the right side.

  • Glomerulonefrit, gidronefroz, abscess of a kidney and other pathologies are noted by the aching, pulling, dull and sharp aches. Pain accrues if to press on a lumbar zone.

  • Renal colic gives sharp pain, the same sign can indicate thrombosis of a renal artery.

Problems of a spinal cord, backbone

Intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, spondilez, a jamming of nervous backs – all these problems can cause the sharp pain which is localized on the right in a back. Not to confuse backbone pathology with other diseases, it is worth studying other signs. In a back there is a feeling of constraint, the painful attack accrues at the movement, gives to a thorax, extremities, a groin zone. Perhaps also emergence of a sleep, "goosebumps".

The expressed pain is possible at a fracture of a shovel, edges on the right. It becomes more active at cough, a deep breath, the movements.

How to calculate "sick body"?

Pain in the right side behind, from a back

Often the people feeling the pain concentrating in the right side behind do not represent, to what expert to address, the problem is connected with what body. Certainly, only the expert after completion of full inspection is capable to decide on the exact diagnosis.

However the dislocation, intensity and character of painful attacks can tell about something:

  • On the right under a shovel. Perhaps, the problem possesses neurologic character, is a nerve jamming result. It is also possible to suspect diseases of lungs: pneumonia, pleurisy, lung cancer.

  • Under edges. Here the liver and a pancreas settle down, there is a gall bladder. Pathologies of any of these bodies can be a pain source. At long pains the liver is checked first of all.

  • On the right in the central part. Most likely, the problem is connected with diseases of kidneys.

  • In the bottom of a back on the right. Painful attacks can indicate pathologies and spine injuries, hernias. Failures in an urinary system are also probable. In the last situation pain does not weaken in any situation.

A back pain can disturb the person and on the right in the mornings. The probable problems causing pain after awakening – the wrong mattress, dystrophy of muscles.

Whether it is necessary to ring the fast?

There are diseases which demand the emergency treatment, in certain cases it is about surgical intervention. Quite often the patient’s life directly depends on the speed with which medical assistance comes. Surely it is worth calling an ambulance if there is such symptom as the sharp, unexpected and not stopping pain felt on the right side of a back. Additional symptoms – weakness, a faint, dizziness.

Anyway itself cannot appoint independently drugs, without having passed medical examination. As a last resort it is possible to use anesthetizing for temporary elimination of a symptom. However completely possibly to get rid of pain only after elimination of the reason of its emergence.

Author of article: Gorshenina Elena Ivanovna, gastroenterologist