Sting of a scorpion

Symptoms from a sting of a scorpion

Sting of a scorpion

In the world about 1500 different types of scorpions are. More than fifty from them are poisonous and dangerous to the person. They are widespread worldwide. The main area of their dwelling are the countries and districts with rather warm, arid and hot climate (Asia, India, South Africa, the Caucasus, South America). It is rather easy to identify a scorpion on external signs. Its sizes make about 10-15 cm, the tail has a characteristic bend up on which top there is a stinging element with a poisonous bubble. At the time of a sting there is an injury of skin by a sting to release of poison in a wound. The clinical picture and symptoms of a sting of a scorpion depend on toxic properties of poison of a concrete species of scorpions.

Usually, the moment of receiving a sting seldom remains unnoticed. It it is possible how directly to see, and to feel in the form of suddenly arisen sharp burning in a sting place. Speed of development of the subsequent symptoms and their expressiveness depends on a look and virulence of a scorpion.

General characteristics of poison of all scorpions are such components:

  1. Neurotoxin – the alien poisonous protein showing the destroying action on nervous cells of peripheral nerves and tissue of a brain;

  2. Anti-genes – proteinaceous components of poison which cause allergic manifestations;

  3. The other components influencing work of heart and emission of stressorny hormones;

Symptoms of a sting of a scorpion are completely predetermined by action of the listed components of poison and are reduced to such manifestations:

  1. Pain and burning of different degree in a sting place. The more poisonous scorpion, the more intensively pain;

  2. Hypostasis and swelling of the bitten place. At stings occupies with nonpoisonous scorpions a local site of soft fabrics round a sting. Poisonous scorpions provoke distribution of puffiness to more remote sites;

  3. Reddening of skin in a sting place;

  4. Feeling of a sleep of the bitten extremity or other segment. The area of a zaderevyanevshy surface is gradually expanded and the more, than more poisonous scorpion;

  5. Convulsive syndrome. Can be different intensity: from small twitchings of separate muscular groups of extremities, to massive general spasms;

  6. Belly-aches and on all body, nausea, vomiting, a headache;

  7. Sore throat, the increased salivation. Always precede generalized convulsive attacks and are symptoms of heavy intoxication;

  8. Tachycardia, heavy breath, block or loss of consciousness. Are always heavy symptoms from stings of scorpions.

First aid at a sting of a scorpion

Sting of a scorpion

If it is obviously known that the nonpoisonous scorpion became responsible for a sting, you should not panic. Symptoms of stings of such scorpions are limited to local manifestations and pass in some hours without rendering specialized medical assistance. All cases of stings unknown scorpions or their poisonous representatives demand immediate hospitalization for supervision over the victim. Actions of the first and specialized help consist from:

  1. Pridavlivaniye of the bitten place. At stings poisonous scorpions the first minutes it is possible to make a small section through a sting with poison suction attempt. It is possible also prizhech the bitten site a hot subject;

  2. Applying of cold;

  3. Processing of a wound antiseptic solutions (alcohol, peroxide, washing with usual soap);

  4. Imposing of a hard bandage on a sting and adjacent sites of skin;

  5. Obkalyvany places of a sting solution of novocaine and adrenaline. It will significantly slow down the speed of absorption of poison and will give more time for delivery of the victim in medical institution;

  6. Atropine introduction (a preparation of the poison blocking action on nervous cages);

  7. Introduction of specific anti-toxic serum. Treats the most effective medical actions as causes poison destruction. It is especially actual at stings poisonous scorpions;

  8. Symptomatic treatment and fight against intoxication. Includes anticonvulsive preparations, intravenous infusions and diuretics, control of breath and arterial pressure.

Consequences of a sting of a scorpion

Stings of nonpoisonous scorpions pass without serious consequences and come to an end with local reactions in the form of painful turgidities in places of stings which pass in some days. The regionarny lymph nodes which are near the bitten site can increase.

At stings of poisonous scorpions the situation is a little heavier. Development of a heavy convulsive syndrome and intoxication is possible. In case of lack of the corresponding treatment it can lead to a lethal outcome. In less hard cases remains long paresteziya and a sleep of the affected extremity with periodic muscular twitchings. Local reactions also rather heavy. They can be shown by necroses and necrosis of skin round a sting, long increase in lymph nodes.

Author of article: Koretskaya Lyudmila Mikhaelovna, infectiologist