Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

Bed bugs

Bed bugs – these are the blood-sicking insects putting to people characteristic painful stings. For food the bug has a special kolyushche-sucking device which was formed of two of his jaws and looks, as the pointed tubule. The bug does not bite, and pierces skin of the person rather and tries to reach a hobotok a blood vessel. The parasite has an ability to feel blood pushes therefore he easily manages to find the necessary capillary.

Hobotok of a bug has a special structure: in it there are two channels. One – to enter a saliva which plays a role anesthetizing, another to soak up blood. Therefore the sting of a bug is not felt as the victim.

Together with adult individuals of a bug suck blood and their larvae for which feeding has to be daily. At a sting of a larva do not enter a saliva therefore the victim can feel process of a sting.

Symptoms of stings of bugs

Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

To understand, from where on a body there was a rash and whether really it is stings of bugs, it is necessary to find out symptoms of stings of parasites. It is worth allocating the following signs of stings of bugs:

Existence of microinjuries of skin in separate areas in the form of a characteristic path

On the course of a path hypostasis and reddening is formed, sometimes it is the main symptom testifying to a sting of a bug. Considering a series of stings, it is not always possible to learn, in what place the insect pierced skin with a hobotok. However sometimes, the place of a puncture is allocated with a red point.

Strong itch from stings of insects

Thus places of stings scratch, without ceasing, pain at a contact of these sites is felt. At people with sensitive skin on a place of a sting hypostasis or a tumor is formed. Thus open sites of a body suffer first of all. The person feels awkward, appearing in such look in a public place.

How to distinguish a sting of bugs from other insect?

Stings of bugs need to be distinguished from stings of other blood-sicking insects, for example, of mosquitoes, and also from manifestations of allergic dermatitis.

It is possible to distinguish a sting from allergic reaction at attentive comparison. At stings reddening not continuous, and is located paths or islands. Skin rash has no such hypostases as at stings, but the rash site entirely reddens.

Sometimes allergic reaction steps on stings of bugs. Its symptoms is the incessant strong itch and an ultimate redness and hypostases. The allergy arises on a saliva of a bug which the parasite vspryskivat, biting the person. Allergic reaction to substance which the bug uses as anesthetizing at a sting is possible. Such reaction is very unpleasant and can not take place some weeks. At a strong allergy it is necessary to get means for treatment of stings of bugs.

It is possible to distinguish a sting of a bug from stings of other insects if to pay attention to behavior of an insect. The bug bites through epidermis and tries to find a suitable capillary therefore it leaves behind some stings in a row. Together with an adult bug bite the person and his larvae, on a place of the last painful abscesses are formed.

Because of a sting of a bug on a body swellings act, thus the place of reddening increases in comparison with a sting of a flea. Difference of fleabites from stings of bugs that reddenings are formed by small spots or points which settle down at small distance from each other. Thus, the main sign of fleabites is their dot character.

Skin of people reacts to stings of a mosquito differently, most often it is blisters, slightly bigger size, than from a sting of a flea.

Consequences of stings of bugs

Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

The sting of a bug, except the general symptoms can cause other violations if when combing the infection was brought. It is shown by temperature increase of the bitten place, the general deterioration of health. Urgent consultation of the doctor and delivery of health care is in that case necessary.

Due to the blood-sicking insects, often there are fears that they can become infectious, having bitten the HIV-positive. However bugs, mosquitoes and other insects cannot transmit HIV infection or viral hepatitis to the person. The reason that viruses do not remain, mixing up with Wednesday (with a saliva of a bug). Getting in an insect, the virus perishes because cannot breed in its organism.

Even if the virus also remained active, it will not be able to be transmitted through a saliva of an insect. After all via one channel the hobotka of a parasite arrives the anesthetizing saliva, and through another blood from the owner’s body is soaked up. Communications between two channels of an insect are not present. Thus, if the bug also had the infected blood, its interpenetration and a saliva it is impossible. Means, transfer of a virus does not happen.

Bugs are bitten only at night?

Bed bugs usually are not shown in the afternoon, in the afternoon insects hide in warm places but as soon as there comes night, parasites come for hunting. Usually it occurs from three to seven mornings.

Parasites are not able to afford to be in full view of the person, otherwise they will not be able to breed and will be lost as a look. The person sleeping and motionless – an excellent way for bugs to receive livelihood. For this reason not to interrupt a sleep of the victim, bugs at a sting vspryskivat the anesthetizing saliva. The person does not feel a sting that gives the chance to parasites to eat, remaining unnoticed.

Why bugs not of all are bitten?

Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

Bugs bite not all people. In the same room or even a bed there can be a person whom insects will not touch in general. At the same time other person will be daily exposed to painful stings.

And the point is not that bugs go on a certain smell or a blood type. Bugs are very selective when drawing stings, they choose to themselves the victim with thin and smooth skin. Usually it is women and children. But also men with sensitive skin can be attacked.

Matters here and that people react to stings of blood-sicking insects differently. At one sting of a bug will cause the strongest allergic reaction, at others places of stings will be hardly noticeable and painless. Sometimes stings of parasites at people descend for weeks, at some disappear by the evening.

Stings on skin of children are shown the same as at adults, but children it is more preferable to bugs as the bug quickly bites through their gentle and thin skin the hobotok in search of blood.

The bug will try to bite through skin will not find yet a place which will be pleasant to it. Sensitive skin of the child thus starts swelling up twice more strongly. Children transfer stings very painfully therefore it is necessary to facilitate as soon as possible consequences of stings soon after their drawing.

Treatment of stings at children same, as well as at adults. It is necessary to watch that children did not comb a wound and did not bring an infection there.

Whether bite bugs of cats?

Bugs prefer to feed on human blo
od, but pets including cats, are not insured from their attack. The zones, most susceptible to stings, at animals are axillary zones and inguinal folds. But the cat for a while will become the owner of parasites if only them a large number did not accumulate or they were not starving. It can happen only in strongly infected room where the long time was nobody including person.

Cats of some breeds are not afraid of bugs at all. For example, at sphinxes very thick skin and they can hardly become supporters of parasites. At some cats dense wool that will become an obstacle for bugs which are capable to pierce only smooth epidermis.

Thus, for domestic cats the blood-sicking do not constitute such danger, as for the person for two reasons:

  • If indoors there is at least one person, bugs in 99% of cases will eat blood of people. 1% is allocated for inhabitants of terrariums, aquariums and cages who are most vulnerable for parasites. Thus not the cat indoors can live alone: because animals are covered with dense wool and an elastic layer of epidermis, it is not so easy for bugs to reach their blood. For this reason the blood-sicking give preference to people, but not cats and dogs.

  • Cats, as well as their ancestors, prefer to hunt at night. Bugs too night parasites, and predators act evolitsionno as their elder brothers. Thus both that and others seek to get advantage at the expense of other look. The cat possesses so sensitive sense of smell that at attack of a bug she will actively react to a secret of its gland and can fight back a parasite.

How to treat stings of bugs?

At detection of stings of bed bugs it is necessary to take the following measures:

Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

  1. It is worth taking as soon as possible a heat bath is will help to facilitate primary irritation on stings.

  2. It is possible to get antiseptics in a drugstore, for example, fenistit which will remove puffiness and an itch in places of stings of parasites. Along with fenistily it is possible to grease healthy places with essential oils.

  3. It is necessary to get an antihistaminic preparation (suprastin, tavegit) to cope with a possible allergy. It is also worth getting solar burns medicines which will dry up rash and will protect skin. For removal of an itch accept the anesthetizing preparations.

From stings of bugs apply folk remedies:

  • The place of a sting is processed mint leaves for removal of pain and relaxation.

  • Dandelion to knead, put to a place of a sting and to bandage.

  • Places of stings humidify with the sponge moistened in urine for removal of an itch and puffiness.

  • Put the tampon moistened in garlic juice that calms irritation to places of a sting, kills swellings and pain.

  • To kill a swelling and pain also parsley leaves will help.

  • Put a leaf of a plantain or a bird cherry to a sting and hold 2 or 3 hours, then process solution of baking soda.

  • The bulb is cut on some parts and put by the party of a cut to stings.

Sometimes children comb stings. In that case wounds should be washed out warm water with soap. Blisters are enough to be greased with mint toothpaste or the liquid ammonia stirred with water half.

Ways of removal of bugs

Stings of domestic bugs – a detailed manual, symptoms of stings of bugs and how to treat them?

However it is not enough to treat stings, it is necessary to try to bring blood-sicking insects indoors. As to make it it is difficult, there was a set of prejudices on this problem.

There is an idea of existence of the magic means capable in a flash to relieve the room of parasites. Such means never was and will not be. After all influence disposal of blood-sicking insects not only characteristics of the used means, but also quality of processing. Thus there are more effective and less effective preparations, among them is safe for the person and posing threat to health.

To define as far as this or that means is effective, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Species of an insect. Bug – an unusual insect with special behavior and a way of life. It is finally possible to exterminate it only considering it. Liquid forms of insecticides are most convenient and effective in application.

  • The object which is subject to processing. If the apartment or a living room is processed, first of all it is necessary to influence a sofa, a bed. In such places it is convenient to use adhesive tapes, toxic baits as they affect a berth.

  • Safety of the applied means. The applied means from bugs has to be safe for the person and animals who are held in the house.

  • Smell. All modern means possess a specific smell which can be removed quickly enough.

Fixed assets on fight against bugs are:

  1. Aerosols. Have weak destructive effect and the minimum residual action on surfaces. Are calculated on one-stage action and hit directly on an insect.

  2. Gels. Do not possess high efficiency in fight against bugs, as concentration of active ingredients in them very low. Advantage that quickly evaporating, are practically not absorbed in a surface therefore possess long residual action, sometimes about three months.

  3. Dusta. Represents insecticidal powder. Strew in sofas, pleated a furniture upholstery, in seams of mattresses, at plinths, in cracks. Influence happens due to sticking of powder to pads of insects and their chitinous cover, than contact of an insecticide and an insect is provided. However powder does not allow to bring parasites completely.

  4. Devices from bugs

  5. Among devices from bugs distinguish:

    • ultrasound;

    • traps and baits;

    • steam generators;

    • fumigant injectors.

    All these devices are intended rather for scaring away of bugs, than for their destruction, with the purpose to protect themselves from influence of chemical means. Expediency of application of these means is rather doubtful.

  6. Liquid means. Are under the certificate of many eyewitnesses the most effective remedies from bugs.

Are distinguished from liquid means:

  • Concentrates of emulsions – representing the chemical dissolved in water or alcohol with emulsifier addition. Use in the divorced look to 1 liter of water and prepare before application. Are most known: karbofos, kukaracha, tsifoks, pure house, averfos, ram.

  • The microencapsulated emulsions and suspensions where active ingredient is placed in the capsule covered with a protective film. The substance acts from walls of capsules thanks to diffusion and acts on a surface of 10-14 days. To wait until the substance appears on a surface, the whole month sometimes falls, it is a serious lack of a method. On the other hand, the mechanism gives long residual action on surfaces. Preparations are safe for people and pets. The most popular: minap-22, effektiv the ultra.

The facts about stings of bugs

  • The congestion of bugs of average number can put some hundreds of stings for one night. In one-two nights all open places of a body of the
    person will be entirely covered with stings.

  • By birth the person on which the bug fed, there is an opportunity to establish DNA of the victim within 90 days. Such data are used in judicial examination.

  • It is difficult for parasites to move on the leather, polished and metal surfaces, such places bugs try to avoid. It is necessary to reckon with it, choosing a berth. However the blood-sicking are attracted by unpainted wood.

Author of article: Koretskaya Lyudmila Mikhaelovna, infectiologist