The urethral channel – burning and an itch in the urethral channel

Burning in the urethral channel

The urethral channel – burning and an itch in the urethral channel

Burning in the urethral channel (urethra) mainly is a symptom of any infectious inflammatory disease of urinary tract. These diseases can be transmitted by various harmful microorganisms, among which as causative agents of venereal diseases (a hlamidiya, a gonokokka, a trichomonad), and sticks of staphylococcus, a streptococcus, colibacilli and so forth. The majority of inflammatory diseases nevertheless is transferred sexually therefore the feeling of burning at an urination should pay close attention. Burning is the main sign of uretrit, venereal diseases (gonorrhea, clamidiosis) and prostate gland inflammations.

Also some factors, for example sour or spicy drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee, medicines, chemicals which contain in means of intimate hygiene can provoke burning. Also injuries during masturbation and sexual intercourse become the burning reason in the urethral channel quite often.

Burning in an urethra is a thorough occasion of visit to the doctor. The bacteriological analysis of urine is necessary for the patient. To men survey a prostate gland, and in case of recurrence of a disease survey kidneys by means of ultrasonic research, study an urethra and a bladder by means of endoscopy in more detail.

It is necessary to pay attention to means of hygiene which the patient uses, after all soap is frequent, the flavored gels or deodorants may contain the chemicals causing irritation of an urethra.

Sometimes the inflammation of a mucous membrane of a bladder (cystitis) becomes the burning reason in the urethral channel. The inflammation occurs when any infection gets to a bladder. In some cases patients can have urine incontience symptoms. It occurs if the muscles which are responsible for closing of an exit from a bladder cannot interfere with its reduction.

The inflammation of her mucous membrane becomes extremely common cause of burning in an urethra – uretrit. It can be shown by frequent desires to an urination and strong discomfort during this process. The sick person feels an itch, burning, pain and pressure. Also purulent allocations from an urethra are possible. Danger of cystitis and an uretrit is that inflammatory process can reach kidneys that will cause their inflammation (pyelonephritis).

When it is necessary to address to the doctor? If burning lasts more than days, is followed by any allocations, desires on an urination become frequent or there is a suspicion on a possible disease, sexually transmitted. In that case also the sexual partner of the patient is surveyed.

Itch in the urethral channel

The urethral channel – burning and an itch in the urethral channel

The itch in the urethral channel is a symptom of various diseases of genitals and urinary tract. Most often it is not shown in itself, but is followed by other unpleasant feelings – for example, pain and burning at an urination. Quite often the itch is manifestation of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, urogenital candidiasis, clamidiosis and uretrit.

Trichomoniasis arises when in an urethra trichomonads actively breed. Burning and an itch is frequent are the only obvious manifestations of this illness. Thus trichomoniasis causes a large number of serious complications.

Urogenital candidiasis has a fungal etiology, and the itch thus is very often observed symptom. Candidiasis is dangerous by high probability of development of different complications – for example, prostatitis, an uretrit, cystitis and so forth.

The terrible venereal disease gonorrhea influences all urinogenital system. The itch in an urethra in most cases happens its early symptom then usually there are painful feelings, burning and purulent allocations from the urethral channel.

It is impossible to forget that the itch never develops without any reason and always testifies to existence of a certain disease of bodies of urinogenital system. If you felt an itch in an urethra – surely address to the doctor who will define the reason of unpleasant feelings and will appoint treatment before emergence of more serious inflammation and other complications.