Wild strawberry forest – useful properties, cultivation and care of wild strawberry. Application of recipes of wild strawberry

Botanical characteristic of wild strawberry forest

Wild strawberry forest – useful properties, cultivation and care of wild strawberry. Application of recipes of wild strawberry

Wild strawberry forest is the perennial plant relating to family rozotsvetny. A plant rhizome horizontal and short, having thin numerous roots. Leaves with long scapes begin with the top part of a rhizome of wild strawberry. From bosoms of leaves of a plant there are elevated escapes happening two types: vegetative and generative.

Wild strawberry "moustaches" are called as vegetative escapes. They long, creeping also take roots independently. In the knots which already took roots leaves from which bosoms there are both types of escapes are formed. Quite so there is a vegetative reproduction of a plant – wild strawberry forest. Generative escapes come to an end with an inflorescence from several flowers. Height of each such escape – about 25 cm.

Dark green leaflets – an ovate-rhombic form also have complex structure. Flowers of wild strawberry settle down on long pedicels. A wild strawberry fruit – the berry of bright red color possessing pleasant aroma. In May mass blossoming of a plant which lasts the whole month begins. However there are plants which blossom a little later. Maturing of fruits takes place in June-July.

The wild strawberry can be seen in the European regions of Russia, Eurasia and in Western Siberia. This berry prefers to grow on edges of the woods, glades, meadows, between bushes and on slopes of roads. And its plentiful growth was noticed on places of forest fires and on deforestation. Thanks to "moustaches" the wild strawberry quickly and with ease covers the new areas.

Useful properties of wild strawberry

Wild strawberry – the berry which is on the first place from all according to the content of iron, vitamin E, folic acid and calcium. Leaves and roots of wild strawberry are rich with the content of tannins, alkaloids and essential oils. Tea from wild strawberry helps at an inflammation of a mucous membrane. Besides, leaves and a rhizome of wild strawberry have diuretic effect, heal wounds, ulcers treat and reduce a spleen. The loosened teeth and weak gums can be strengthened by means of rinsings by wild strawberry broth.

Fruits of wild strawberry are also useful to a human body. Fruits of a plant contain microcells, sugar, pectins, acids, cellulose, vitamins and essential oils. They not only improve appetite, but also digestion normalization promote.

Cultivation and care of wild strawberry

Wild strawberry forest – useful properties, cultivation and care of wild strawberry. Application of recipes of wild strawberry

This berry prefers light and solar sites with the friable soil. Equal surfaces will be suitable for cultivation of wild strawberry forest better. Before landing of wild strawberry it is necessary to pave the way, namely to dig over, introduce fertilizers and to remove weeds. Already used soil in recent time – very good option for landing of wild strawberry. For example, after a collected garden radish on its place it is possible to land wild strawberry with quiet soul, only previously having brought compost. And a year later after landing it will be very good to bring ashes in the soil.

Seedling of wild strawberry land at distance 30 cm from each other. And many gardeners like other way of landing of wild strawberry. This way means landing of a plant bushes and for a year anything with them do not do. During maturing of berries weak and lifeless sockets delete by means of secateurs or scissors.

Leaving. During the summer at a plant "moustaches" are formed. In order that nutrients did not leave on growth of these "moustaches", they need to be deleted, and then all substances will go for maturing of berries of a plant. The wild strawberry needs timely weeding. Especially it needs weeding after a rain. Mulchirovaniye straw too will be superfluous for a plant, on the contrary, from it the wild strawberry will become soiled, will keep moisture and will be protected from diseases. The wild strawberry needs to be watered regularly, and it is desirable that water was warm. The plant can be not replaced to other place 5, and even 6 years.

Use of wild strawberry forest

In the medical purposes use berries, roots and leaves of wild strawberry. Fresh berries of wild strawberry help at atherosclerosis, a neurasthenia, stomach ulcer and sleeplessness. And also fresh berries apply at an urolithic illness, gout, diseases of a liver and spleen. Broths and infusions from leaves of wild strawberry are applied by national doctors at rickets, gout, colitis, jaundice, diabetes and bronchitis. Pour, deprive and spots can be cleaned by means of a compress on broth of leaves of wild strawberry.

Infusion from a herbal and leaves of a plant is the excellent means warning and treating cold. Infusion of leaves of wild strawberry is very useful at initial stages of a hypertension as it expands blood vessels and slows down a rhythm of reductions of heart.

Berries of wild strawberry help to restore forces, cure ponosa at kids and help at an anemia. Fruits of this plant have vitamin and antiallergenic effect, possess zhelchegonny and diuretic properties. Besides, these berries it is possible to normalize a metabolism. Thanks to properties of wild strawberry toxins and cholesterol are removed from an organism. The wild strawberry contains vitamins C various antotsianovy connections thanks to which the plant protects from radiation.

Infusion from collecting herbs at an urolithic illness. For its preparation take 40 grams of berries of wild strawberry, 30 grams of leaves of a nettle, 30 grams of a herbal of a horsetail of field, 40 grams of hips and 30 grams of buds of a birch. Now we will take 2 tablespoons of ready collecting and we will fill in them 200 ml of boiled water. We put structure on a water bath on half an hour. After a water bath ready infusion is poured in a thermos and we leave for an hour. Take such medicine on 200 ml three times a day for an hour before meal.

Wild strawberry broth for rinsings of a mouth from a toothache. For its preparation take 2 tablespoons of leaves of wild strawberry and 1 teaspoon of mint, mix them and fill in them with a glass of boiled water. Leave means for 5 minutes for insisting then do not forget to potsedit. Ready broth rinse a mouth at a toothache several times a day. Broth for rinsing needs to be used in a warm look.

Wild strawberry broth at hemorrhoids. For its preparation it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of the leaves of a plant which are (in advance crushed) and to fill in it 100 ml of boiled water. Leave everything for 20 minutes and filter. By this broth do enemas and washing at hemorrhoids.

Dry or the fresh steamed-out leaves of a plant put to purulent wounds or old ulcers. Leaves relieve wounds of pus and lead to faster healing of damages.

Wild strawberry broth the all-strengthening. Having taken 200 grams of dried fruits of wild strawberry, they are filled in with two liters of boiled water. Further everything is put on weak fire for 10 minutes. Having removed from fire, we leave broth to be drawn for 2 hours. Filter the received means. Accept it on 100–200 ml from three to five times a day.

Contraindications to use of wild strawberry

Some people because of the use of wild strawberry can have a
llergy symptoms. Infusion of leaves of a plant as it is the means raising a tone of a uterus and strengthening its reductions is contraindicated to pregnant women.

It is better for people to steer clear of wild strawberry with appendicitis, an ulcer of a duodenum and gastroduodenity.